Before I Go Workbook (Printed version)

This 100-page Before I Go Workbook IS your end of life plan! 

It enables you to:

  • keep everything to do with your end of life nice and tidy
  • keeps it all in one, easily accessible place
  • provides comfort for your family, who will know they will be carrying out your wishes as requested
  • lessens family arguments
  • experience your last days safe in the knowledge you have taken care of those coming after you

and is full of details that you can share with your family or friends. 

So get going with noting all your answers to these essential questions, and give your loved ones one of the most selfless gifts possible!

1 Module

Welcome, Instructions and Resources

In this Module you can access two important sections:

Firstly make sure you read the important welcome instructions from Jane, which include a short message where she tells you the one fundamental (and unexpected question) to ask yourself as you are going through your Workbook. 

Then also check out the Extra Resources section for more great support.

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