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Before I Go Method Programme

End of life planning made easy with the Before I Go Method.

Get your OWN end of life plan finally done.

Experience the relief, reassurance and rewards this brings.

Rewards? - yes, you don't know how much time and space not doing this is taking up in your mind, heart and soul until you get it done!

Start Your Living Legacy

An inspiring course of 5 short videos, each to be viewed before the other, setting out what actually is a living legacy, and helping you get going easily  and in an enjoyable way on how best to be remembered.

End of Life Plan Facilitator Training

The only accredited training in Europe and the rest of the world to qualify students as licensed End of Life Planning Facilitators, enabling you to work internationally with others in various capacities, and contribute to our mission, of making end of life plans as commonplace as birth plans!

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